Digital Die Cutters

Keep your Short Run Die Cutting In House

Eclipse Tooling.JPG

The Eclipse series is a digital die cutting solution designed for the Printing, Packaging and Sign industries. It is a
cost-effective solution for sample making and short-run production of adhesive sheets, business cards, specially
shaped cards, invitations, labels, small packaging, tags and more.

The Eclipse is available in two sizes:

  •    The Eclipse 4060 has a 15.75” x 23.62” Max Sheet Size

  •    The Eclipse 5375 has a 20.87” x 29.52” Max Sheet Size

       The Eclipse can cut, kiss cut, die cut and
                                         crease a variety of paper and card stock                                     up to 18 point . 


                                             The addition of an Automatic Vacuum Feeder allows operators to multitask while the machine is in production mode.

The Eclipse is also equipped with an Oscillating Cutting Tool which can be used to cut thick substrates up to 6mm thick.

Materials such as:

  • Foam Core Board (Gaterboard)

  • Corrugated plastic sheeting (Coroplast)

  • Corrugated paper, are easily cut.

Eclipse Side View of EOT Tooling.JPG