Digital Die Cutting 

Automatic Feeding Flat Bed Cutters

Eclipse 4060 Digital Cutter

cut paper, synthetic substrates, foam core and corrugated board

The Eclipse 4060 is an automatic, intelligent cutting system incorporates a fully automatic vacuum pile feeding platform. The system is equipped with four tooling heads, cutting, kiss cutting, and creasing tools. In addition the Eclipse 4060 has an oscillating cutting tool which allows for cutting foam core and corrugated board up to 1/4" thick.  The Eclipse 4060 can quickly and accurately cut, perforate cut, crease and mark. The Eclipse is an ideal, cost effective solution for sample making and short-run customized production for signs, printing and packaging.


  • Intelligent cutting/creasing/drawing functions-meet all your creative processing demands.

  • Oscillating Tool

  • Precise automatic positioning system

  • Vacuum cutting belt for securely holding substrates in place while cutting

  • High-definition CCD Camera

  • Bar Code Management system

  • Automatic feeder

  • Material Dimensions: 15.75"x 23.62" or  20.80"x 29.50"

  • Max Cutting Speed - 1000mm/s

  • Max Cutting Thickness: 6mm

CWT Toolworks LST Cutter

The LST 1319 is the perfect cost effective solution for a variety of finishing requirements for adhesive sheets, business cards, specially shaped cards, invitations, labels, small packaging, tags and more.  Increase your productivity and profitability by having an in house multi-function digital cutting solution designed for short-run on demand production.  You can cut, kiss cut, die cut and crease a variety of paper and  card stock up to 0.06 inch / 1.5 mm thick and sheet sizes up to 13 x 19 inches.

Graphtec Automatic Sheet Cutter


The Graphtec Automatic Sheet Cutter is designed to automatically feed and contour cut media size up to 13" x 19" without the need for an operator.  An arm with air suction cups lifts the media from the supply tray and places it in the cutter.  Included software and CCD camera accurately align media for contour / perforation cutting of pre-printed graphics - efficiently freeing up labor to work on other tasks.  Once completed, each sheet neatly falls into the catch tray. Additional sheets of the same design can be loaded during cutting without resending the job from a computer, further enhancing productivity.

It can handle up to 200 sheets (depend on the thickness) of media in a continuous cycle but with the ability to add further sheets as required without interrupting the cutting process.  This is a capability that we consider sets the Graphtec Automatic Sheet Cutter apart from any comparable sheet-fed system.

450 grams of down force enable users to produce small and medium size runs of: labels, business cards, heat transfer apparel, and more.  Using Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw EPS file types, simply add registration marks to your design and import to the iMark software for fast, high quality results.

Cut labels and cut time with the new Graphtec Automatic Sheet Cutter (Desktop Cutting Plotter)

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Economical Auto Feed Digital Sheet Cutter

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