Foiling and Laminating Equipment

DURApro Multi 540A


The DURApro Multi 540A is a revolutionary machine designed to do all types of lamination. It features a dual heated nip system for increased adhesion to digital prints, and supports duplex encapsulation, duplex thin gauge laminate, single-sided laminating and SLEEKpro digital foiling. This machine also works with SLEEKpro over raised UV. The Multi 540 includes a state-of-the-art automated feeder, silicone rubber rollers for 2-sided lamination, as well as chrome / silicone rubber combination for single-sided lamination. The flying knife effortlessly separates single-sided laminate, including hard-to-burst films. For duplex laminating, this machine features side slitters, slit rewinder and an automated rotary cutter.
Finishing Applications in On-Demand Print Shops, Educational, and Office Settings.


The DIGIFAV B2 Pro with XEHT® technology is faster and more
powerful while brilliantly compact. This laminating engine multiplies
its performance reaching levels of quality and productivity never seen before on conventional laminators. Integrated is a higher capacity oil sealed heating system, the latest generation of automatic miss fed recovery system and a stronger de-curling system. Whatever your laminate or SLEEKpro™ finishing needs, DIGIFAV B2 Pro makes it possible.

The automatic vacuum feed system can accommodate sheet sizes from 8.6" x 8.6" to 20.8" x 29.5" and speeds up to 98 ft/min



Crafted for offset and digital, the DIGIFAV B2 professional industrial laminator performs for the finest and most demanding printing scenarios. Offering a unique cross over that proves strong on aspects some times opposed, accessible but yet ultra-compact, easy to use but technology intense, low in consumption but powerful in performance, large productions but yet delicate with prints and minimum wastes. Supports SLEEKpro™ finishing metallic foils and clear and hologram finishes.
Finishing Applications in Stationery, Advertising, Packaging, Publishing, Security and much more. 

Falcon B1

A monumental leap and the future in lamination, the FALCON B1 high performance industrial laminator brings to the stage radical automation that is still completely logical. Epic performance in everything that defines
an industrial laminator today: productivity, automation, robustness, accuracy, quality laminating and digital adaptation. The ability to load and unload by pallet minimizes production downtime and paper waste. No matter what the job, the FALCON B1 is up to the task and producing results that showcase on a stage of their own.


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Laminating and Foiling