Perfect Binding

Standard Horizon BQ-480

Multiple Clamp Binder PUR or EVA

The new Standard Horizon BQ-480 Perfect Binder features the quickest set-up and changeover for variable book production in its class, especially for book-of-one. With interchangeable PUR and EVA glue tanks, the binder also offers advanced automation through a movable color touchscreen including adjustments for roller height, nipping height, and amount of side glue. Specially designed to meet the requirements of PUR book binding, the BQ-480 includes a gentle elevator delivery system with a mere 5mm drop, and also accommodates the lowest temperature setting for PUR glue.


Standard Horizon BQ-280 PUR

Single Clamp PUR Perfect Binder

Perfect binding – Standard Horizon’s BQ-280PUR Perfect Binder is specially designed to handle the unique requirements of digital print with digital print friendly processing, quick set-up and changeover for shorter production runs, book-of-one capability, and even in-line verification for document integrity. The BQ-280also uses environmentally-friendly PUR glue which meets the requirements of Lay-Flat binding for both offset and digital prints as well as coated stock. The large color touchscreen features intuitive icons for easy operation. Simply input book block and cover information at the touchscreen for quick and automatic setup, including carriage clamp, milling, glue tank, nipping, and cover feeder. Up to 200 jobs can be held in memory and “locked” for additional security.


The automated, sensor-activated system ensures consistent measurement of book block thickness every time, eliminating operator discrepancy. Book thickness is automatically measured by placing the book block into the digital caliper. The caliper slides into position with no manual intervention and thickness data automatically begins set-up. Easily handles the production of digitally printed books, personalized photo books, smaller sample runs, and other ultra short-run work!

Standard Horizon BQ-270V

Single Clamp EVA Binder

Perfect binding – The BQ-270V single-clamp binder offers high quality production Perfect Binding with fully automated operation, push-button simplicity, and on-demand production of variable thickness books.

The binder includes an automated, sensor-activated system which consistently measures book block thickness and automatically transfers this data to the binder for quick, automated set-up with no cycle lag time for books of different thicknesses. Designed to meet the needs of the short-run, print-on-demand book market, the BQ-270V also features single-person production of up to 500 books per hour, automatic air-suction cover feeding with in-line scoring, a large 10.4″ intelligent color touch-screen, job programming, and a compact configuration.

Standard Horizon BQ-160 PUR

Single Clamp PUR Perfect Binder

Perfect binding – The Standard Horizon BQ-160 PURSingle-clamp Perfect Binder satisfies the fast-growing demand for short-run books and prepared book blocks for case binding, with its PUR adhesive system. The binder is also capable of padding and tape binding.

A dynamic color touchscreen allows the operator to easily adjust a range of settings including cover alignment with the spine, nipping pressure, clamping pressure and much more. Other features on the BQ-160include energy-save and auto-off functions, the ability to notch in one or both directions, and an optional carbon air filtration system to reduce adhesive odors. The BQ-160 can produce extremely strong, high quality perfect bound books up to 1.5″ thick at speeds up to 180 cycles per hour. The BQ-160 can handle light to moderate production needs in almost any environment.

Standard Horizon BQ-160

Single Clamp EVA Binder

Perfect binding -The Standard Horizon BQ-160 Single-clamp Perfect Binder is equipped with an intuitive, icon-based color touchscreen for fingertip adjustment of key parameters.

With single-person operation, the BQ-160 can produce three popular types of binding: perfect binding, tape binding and pad binding at speeds up to 180 cycles per hour with books up to 1.6″ thick.

The BQ-160 is specifically designed for cut sheet applications, and offers simple operation so any operator can produce professional quality books with minimal training.

Other BQ-160 advantages include an electric book clamp, two-way notching, a paper dust vacuum system, nipper height and tilt adjustment from the touchscreen, and a dynamic nippefor auto book sizing.

Standard Horizon HT-300

Three-Side Trimmer

The HT-300 Three-side Trimmer features a fully automated setup with color touchscreen control. The system offers higher productivity, unique corner cut capability, optional flap cover trimming, and it’s automated setup can be barcode driven. The HT-300 is over 35% faster than previous models and can process up to 300 books/stacks per hour (4 books/stack x 300 = 1,200 bph). This three-side trimmer can be easily run in-line with the BQ-270V and BQ-480 perfect binders for seamless book production.

  • Automatic adjustments: The HT-300 uses a servo motor press plate which allows for the auto calibration of the press height along with automatic pressure adjustment.

  • Fixed position cutting station: This trimmer features heavy-duty construction and increased book trimming control.

  • Status indicators: Customizable color-coded, interior LED lights tell operators the machine status at a glance.

  • Trim removal: The HT-300 features increased trim air supply and control with the ability to customize timing and pressure, as well as efficient push removal for small trim.

  • iCE-LiNK: The HT-300 comes standard with iCE-LiNK, Horizon’s next generation pXnet, JDF workflow and job-management tool.

  • Flexible configuration: With multiple options for feeders, stackers, or conveyors, the HT-300 can be configured depending on your unique needs.

Horizon HT-1000 in-line on demand 3 Knife Trimmer

Three Knife Trimmer

The HT-1000 can produce 1-Off books and change sized on the fly for true on demand perfect bound book finishing.

Standard Horizon HT-80

Three Knife Trimmer

Perfect binding – The Standard Horizon HT-80 Three-knife Trimmer is designed for operation in-line with the Standard Horizon BQ-470, SB-07, and SB-09S perfect binders, or for use off-line. The HT-80 includes advanced set-up automation through a user-friendly 10.5″ color touch-screen control panel to meet the requirements of the short run print-on-demand book market. After inputting the untrimmed and finished trim book sizes, automated adjustments include the infeed, jogging, and knife sections.

The HT-80 allows for trimming of variable thickness books, one after another, for true on demand book production. It can trim finished books from sizes ranging 5.5″ x 3.9″ up to 13.5″ x 11.5″, with programmable memory for up to 200 different jobs, for instant recall of frequently-run jobs.

Precision stepper motors accurately position all guides and clamps to insure professional quality cutting at speeds up to 1,000 cycles per hour. A uniquely designed servo-motor controlled jogging mechanism helps provide accurate book registration. The swing knife movement ensures sharp and accurate trims to produce a clean finished book, and a silicon spray unit is available to keep the knife clean during operation.

Standard Horizon HT-30C

Three-Side Trimmer

Perfect binding – The HT-30C Three-side Trimmer features automated job set-ups and quick changeovers to meet the requirements of the short run print-on-demand book market. TheHT-30C operates off-line to trim perfect bound books at speeds up to 200 cycles per hour.

A color touch screen allows all set-ups to be performed with full automation. Precision accurately position all guides and clamps to insure professional quality cutting. Up to 12 inches of books can be loaded into the in-feed hopper, where books are automatically fed for unattended operation. The HT-30C features automated job set-ups and quick changeovers, with the ability to store up to 40 different book jobs in memory.

Standard Horizon SB-07

Seven-Clamp Perfect Binder

The Standard Horizon SB-07 seven-clamp perfect binder features automated operation, push-button simplicity, a small footprint, and high-quality production perfect binding. The SB-07 can be run as a stand-alone binder or as a binding system with in-line three-knife trimming when connected to the HT-110 Three-knife Trimmer. The SB-07 is designed for single-person production of up to 3,200 books per hour, with complete changeover and set-up performed in less than 3 minutes. Standard features include a 10.4″ intelligent color touch-screen control console, automatic air-suction cover feeder that handles a wide range of cover materials without marking, automated in-line cover scoring, and job programming.

Standard Horizon BQ-P60

Table Top Single Clamp Binder

Perfect binding – Never before has a compact unit offered as much versatility as the BQ-P60 Document Binding System (perfect binding, spine taping, and padding). Able to produce perfect binds and spine taped books at a rate of up to 180 books an hour, the BQ-P60 is ideal for users that have divergent, low-volume binding demands.

Adding the option of padding up to 480 note-pads an hour, makes this compact unit a truly productive and unique option for many office and print environments. The BQ-P60 also contains an adhesive application adjustment, a power saving mode, a built in fume extractor, and uses a lower temperature adhesive.

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