Shrink Packaging Systems

Advantage Machinery Eco Pack A

Semi Automatic Shrink Packaging

Shrink & Stretch Wrapping. The Model Eco Pack A from Advantage Machinery is an economical shrink packaging machine that consist of a Pneumatic L-Bar sealer, and a Heat Shrink Tunnel. This combination makes a very versatile machine that is fed manually. The operator presses two buttons which activates a pneumatic cylinder to push the sealing bar down. An automatic conveyor transports the sealed product into the shrink tunnel which allows the operator to have the next product ready for sealing.

The machine features; All-Chrome Wire sealing and cutting system for a strong seal and smokeless operation. Easy to adjust conveyor belt height. Easy to install and operate. Light Weight machine on wheels allow for easy movement of machine throughout factory. Non Pneumatic, model available. Advantage Machinery can help you with your Shrink Packaging & Stretch Wrapping jobs.

Advantage Machinery L-728 Automatic L-Bar Sealer

Automatic L-Bar Sealers

Shrink & Stretch Wrapping. The L-728 Automatic L-Bar sealer is an economic, durable and easy to use automatic L-Bar Sealer. The machine is controlled via a PLC which allows the operator to set the different times for the sealing operating, the temperature of the blades and also the length of film that is to be used.

The machine has a variable conveyor speed controller which makes the machine ideal for both manual and automatic feeding.

Advantage Machinery F-50 Servo Series

High Speed Continuous Motion Side Sealing Packaging Systems

Shrink & Stretch Wrapping. The Advantage Machinery Servo Series is a line of continuous motion side sealers manufactured using the most modern technology available. The machine’s conveyors are controlled with three servo motors to ensure accuracy and speed.

The in-feed servo motor drives the 6 ft lug in-feed conveyor, which brings the product directly into the center folded film. This feature allows for additional film savings. The product then goes onto the servo controlled side sealing conveyor and finally passes through to the servo controlled take away conveyor. The sealing function is continuous motion, which means the belts do not stop. This allows for fast speeds and also to avoid product slipping. The F-50 is easy to change over and operate.

Advantage Machinery PSW-B Heavy Duty Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine

Stretch Wrapping

Shrink & Stretch Wrapping. The PSW-B is a heavy duty stretch wrapper suitable for high volume production applications. Its state of the art PLC will allow user to expect efficiency and consistency in every wrap. Independent programming for number of wraps on top and bottom of pallet, speed control for turnable, and film carriage. The Power Pre-Stetch mechanism will allow users to obtain maximum film savings.

The PSW-B includes sensors to detect pallet height. Loading ramp available (optional).

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