Slitting Cutting Creasing

Slitting Cutting Creasing Perforating

Standard Horizon SmartStacker®

Groundbreaking new way to process your digital B2 print simpler

The Standard Horizon SmartStacker offers a groundbreaking new way to process your digital B2 print simpler and smarter! The SmartStacker converts a B2 size / 20 x 29 sheet into up to 28 individual cut sheets, with intelligent accumulation and stacking, and end-to-end JDF control. Designed to run in-line with the B2-format HP Indigo 12000 Digital Press, the system can also be operated near-line to serve multiple print sources with sheet feeding capability up to 4,500 B2 sheets per hour. The SmartStacker edge trims and gutter cuts for up to 7 sheets in one direction and four in the other for full bleed trimming and can deliver finished product such as posters or postcards, straight or offset stacks, individual sets or book blocks, or bypass to in-line finishing for saddlestitching, perfect binding, or folding.

Standard Horizon SmartSlitter

Slitting Cutting Creasing Perforating

An all-in-one smart sheet processing system that can slit, gutter cut, edge trim, cross-cut, perforate, and crease all in one pass. Perforation and creasing can be performed in both horizontal and vertical directions in the same pass. Skip perforation feature can produce T- and L-perfs ideal for coupons, tickets, and business reply cards. The system can deliver multiple up greeting cards with or without creasing, table tents, invitations, and much more with both matrix and rotary creasing.

For accordion fold applications or perfect bound books, up and down creasing can also be performed in one pass. The system accepts sheets up to 14.33” x 26.37” and can deliver finished sheets just under 2” x 2”.

Therm-O-Type CSCL Pro Mark IV

Designed for maximum product flexibility, ease of operation, reliability, accuracy and productivity.

Digital on Demand. The Zip-CSCL Pro Mark IV is a programmable cutter/slitter/creaser, designed for maximum product flexibility, ease of operation, reliability, accuracy and productivity. The CSCL Pro Mark IV runs stocks up to 14.75″ wide by 20+” long, and 400gsm. The 13 inch. high capacity vacuum feeder and continuous conveyor delivery are standard items.Operators can independently program cross-cut, cross-crease, and cross-perforation positions down the length of the sheet. Rotary cassettes then perform the slitting, rotary scoring/perforating, and semi slitting (kiss cut) processes. Cassettes are interchangeable in less than a minute, WITHOUT tools.

Therm-O-Type Zip A3E Pro Mark IV

Variable Width Gutter Cut

Digital on Demand. Guillotine crosscutting can be programmed on the Zip-A3E for a single “scissor” or a variable width “gutter” cut.

A minimum product cut off length of 1.5″ makes the Zip-A3E ideal for tickets and other small format products. Competitive models require larger minimum cut off length (3.35″ for example) limiting the ability to format products efficiently.

Therm-O-Type TS2L Mark IV

Slitting Cutting Creasing with Die Cutting

Digital On Demand. This is the most advanced programmable finishing machine available to solve your Digital On Demand Finishing jobs. Featuring a guillotine cutter, two tooling stations (for die-cutting, hole punching, cross perforating, or embossing), AND, inline slitting, scoring, semi-slitting, and perforating. It handles sheet sizes up to 14.75″x 20 plus inches, stock thickness of 400gsm, and a 13 inch vacuum feeder capacity. These capabilities are enhanced with tolerances twice as tight as the competition, even on two-sided UV coated business cards! (+/-.15mm).

Therm-O-Type RAS-mct®

Right Angle Slitter

This is the first, right-angle slitter specially designed for digital output.


Using the RAS-mc, customers can efficiently slit multiple-up products from sheets at speeds up to 6000 sheets per hour. Programmable auto adjusting cassettes, heavy duty slitting blades, and interchangeable fixed blade cassettes provide the user the capability for finishing multiple-up products with bleeds.

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Right Angle Slitting

Slitting Cutting Creasing with Die Cutting