Tabletop / Office Equipment

Therm-O-Type Zip-A3

Business Card Cutters

Digital on Demand. The friction feed Zip-A3 table top unit easily handles 24-up business card formats printed on oversize A3 sheets. Combining a guillotine crosscut and configurable slitting cassettes, four-sided bleed cards can be produced. Rotary multipurpose cassettes offer the flexibility to slit, perforate, semi slit, and score as well. 1000 business cards can be produced in five minutes!

Therm-O-Type Zip-A4

Business Card Cutters

Digital on Demand. The Zip-A4 programmable cutter/slitter is ideal for crosscutting and inline slitting 10-up business cards sheets. Sheets are automatically fed through a high-capacity friction feeder with a micro side-to side-registration control.

The Zip-A4 can perform “scissor” or “gutter” crosscut as required.

Standard EasyCrease Pro

Business Card Cutters

Digital on Demand. The Standard Horizon EasyCreasePro combines exceptional channel creasing capability, remarkable productivity, and convenient semi-automatic operation in a compact desktop design.

Ideally suited for creasing toner based digitally imaged stocks, the EasyCreasePro excels with ink-printed images on a diverse range of paper stocks and laminations. The unique channel-creasing action of the EasyCreasePro, virtually eliminates the common problem of cosmetic damage and imperfections caused by folding paper stock along an edge.

Standard Horizon PF-P330

Table Top Folders Vacuum Feed

The Standard PF-P330 by Text-Enhance">Paper Folder combines the simplicity of push-button set up with reliable mark-free suction feed in a table-top unit. It’s ease of use and quiet operation make it a must for any office or print environment that is folding a variety of stocks that are printed both by traditional offset and digital printers. The patented suction-feed system adds to its strength as a work horse that is simple to operate even with lightweight and statically charged sheets. The PF-P330 is the logical choice for paper folding a wide variety of stocks quickly, easily and reliably.

Standard Horizon PF-P3200

Table Top Folders-Friction Feed

The PF-P3200 by Text-Enhance">paper folder by Standard Horizon brings great automation to a versatile friction feed tabletop folder. The push-button set up reacts quicker and quieter than other auto set folders. Feeding capacity of up to 500 sheets, and speed control that enable up to 240 sheets per minute folding makes the PF-P3200well suited for any busy operation from a small office to large commercial print houses. Folding rollers can be easily removed for cleaning or sheet removal without the need for specialized training or tools.

Standard Horizon PF-P3100

Table Top Folders-Friction Feed

Folding-The Standard Horizon PF-P3100desktop folder offers quick set-up, easy operation and enhanced productivity. High quality engineering and construction and an innovative design make the PF-P3100 an exceptional folder that handles a range of stocks and applications while providing years of reliability. Additionally, the PF-P3100’sunique internal fold-plate design and variable speed settings provides enhanced sound reduction control when desired.

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