UV/ Aqueous Coating Machines

Flood Coating

Kompac EZ Koat 20 and 30

Available in 20", and 30" widths, these high quality UV/Aqueous Flood Coating Systems offer a small foot print where space is at a premium, and the ability to switch coating types in 2 minutes or less. Contemplating an in-line coater?? The EZ Koat system can be converted from off-line to in-line coating in 5 minutes or less.


Kompac has introduced it's Ballast Free Curing Technology, and Guarantees 25% Cost Reduction Over Your Ballast Type UV System. This technology also allows the operator to fine tune the UV Lamp output to maximize curing at the most economical level.

Kompac Kwik Finish 20 and Kwik Finish 26

A one of a kind off-line coating and curing system, providing a quick and easy way to apply UV, Sapphire, Aqueous & Specialty Coatings to a wide variety of substrates. From onion skin to plastics; whether digital output or offset, each job will have the visual appeal, lasting durability, protection and rub resistant finish that your customers expect! 20" and 26" widths respectively

Flood or spot coat, also 3-D textured spot coat, and handle a wide variety of High Capacity Pallet Load Auto feeder - up to 5500 sheets/hour, and High Capacity Receding Stacker are standard.https://youtu.be/UzLyxiAS_T4

Kompac Onyx 30 Spot/Flood Coater

The Onyx 30 offers versatility...with capabilities, of Flood, Spot, and 3-D Textured Spot Coat like the Kwik Finish 20 and 26, but on a much grander scale.

  • Maximum sheet size of 22.00" x 32.00"

  • High pile automatic stream feeder, Pallet or dolly load

  • Registration table for tight consistent registration for spot coating

  • High Pile Receding Stacker Pallet or dolly unload

Spot Coating