UV Coating

Cobblestone is proud to be an authorized full service dealer for Kompac UV Coating Systems.

UV/Aqueous Flood Coating Priming

Kompac EZ Koat

Ability to switch coating types in 5 minutes or less

Available in 15", 20", and 30" widths, these high quality UV/Aqueous Flood Coating Systems offer a small foot print where space is at a premium, and the ability to switch coating types in 2 minutes or less. Contemplating an in-line coater?? The EZ Koat system can be converted from off-line to in-line coating in 5 minutes or less.


Kompac has introduced it's Ballast Free Curing Technology, and Guarantees 25% Cost Reduction Over Your Ballast Type UV System. This technology also allows the operator to fine tune the UV Lamp output to maximize curing at the most economical level.

Graphic Whizard


The VividCoater XDC-Micro™ is a low maintenance, ultra-violet cured coating system that produces a high quality finish to the printed sheet. By producing richer and more vibrant colours on digitally or offset printed pieces the VividCoater XDC-Micro™ offers the on-demand print market the opportunity to have more effective and expressive printed products at a very low cost per page. 

The XDC-Micro™ has a footprint that is less than 3’x3′ (100 cm square) and has a variable speed of up to 2700 sheets per hour. It can be easily moved through any standard door. 

The machine is easy to operate and allows for variable coating thickness control and variable speed control. Features such as easy set handles, standard IR and wiper blade, and vacuum hold down ensure that this machine is user friendly, and quick to set up. 

Kompac Kwik Finish 32

Flood, Spot, 3-D Texture...on a much grander scale

The Kwik Finish 32 offers all the capabilities, of Flood, Spot, and 3-D Textured Spot Coat like the Kwik Finish 20 and 26, but on a much grander scale.

  • Maximum sheet size of 22" x 31.50"

  • High pile automatic stream feeder, Pallet or dolly load

  • Registration table for tight consistent registration for spot coating

  • High Pile Receding Stacker Pallet or dolly unload

Kompac Kwik Finish 20 and Kwik Finish 26

​A one of a kind off-line coating and curing system

A one of a kind off-line coating and curing system, providing a quick and easy way to apply UV, Sapphire, Aqueous & Specialty Coatings to a wide variety of substrates. From onion skin to plastics; whether digital output or offset, each job will have the visual appeal, lasting durability, protection and rub resistant finish that your customers expect! 20" and 26" widths respectively

Flood or spot coat, also 3-D textured spot coat, and handle a wide variety of High Capacity Pallet Load Auto feeder - up to 5500 sheets/hour, and High Capacity Receding Stacker are standard.

Drytac Jetmounter JM63-Pro

Heated top roller laminator gives maximum flexibility

Heated top roller laminator gives maximum flexibility.

The Jetmounter JM63-Pro is a versatile wide-format roller laminator with roll to roll capability at a price you didn’t think was possible. The addition of the heated top roller allows it to be used with Heatset and single-sided thermal over-laminates as well as pressure sensitive laminates and adhesives.

Drytac’s JM55 Fuzion

Roll to roll laminating capabilities at a lower price tag

The new JetMounter JM55Fuzion has many convenience features of the JM63Pro, with the smaller laminating width and price point of a standard wide format roller laminator. Equipped with top and bottom auto-grip supply shafts, rear and front take-up or feed shafts, and a heat-assist top roller, the JM55 Fuzionis ideal for shops wanting to add roll to roll laminating capabilities at a lower price tag.


Excellent for laminating vehicle wraps, creating window decals and mounting graphics to substrates. Built to the same quality specifications and engineering standards of all our JetMounter laminators.

JM63 SHA/55SHA/44SHA by Drytac

Single height adjustment controls and an LCD pressure gauge display

In addition to the standard features offered by all JetMounter electric models, including variable speed electric drive, silicone rollers, all-steel construction, forward and reverse, foot pedal and photo-electric safety stop, the JM63SHA, JM55SHA and JM44SHAoffer single height adjustment controls and an LCD pressure gauge display to allow more precision control of mounting and laminating operations. The JM63SHA and JM55SHA are also available with a heat assist roller (denoted by HA in the product code) that runs at 110 Fahrenheit (43.3° Celsius) to help pressure sensitive materials flow out and prevent silvering. Both the JM63SHA and JM55SHA models also have a front-mounted media unwind tray with a supply shaft that can be used for feeding media, mounting adhesive or kraft paper. All models come with a sturdy steel stand with locking castors.

Drytac’s JM18

Motorized table-top laminator

The JetMounter 18 is a motorized table-top laminator operated by a foot switch, leaving both hands free to handle the work being processed. This model is designed for mounting and laminating ink-jet outputs – but are equally capable of handling photographic or any printed media. This model also includes a supply shaft and self-checking photo cells for finger protection. Note: There are no rewind shafts on these models.

ML13/ML25 by Drytac

Simple, durable construction makes this model easy to use.

This table-top manual laminator is an inexpensive option for small photo studios or copy shops that want a quick solution to mount or laminate small pieces. Simple, durable construction makes this model easy to use.

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